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bethany bartran

"Colorful and full of graphic representation, Houston artist Bethany Bartran's paintings are far from ordinary, and are signed with a peculiar little bug!  Her works are often painted on cabinet doors and/or windows, and ponder the mundane details of life in a surprising context." 

-MOD Coffee, Galveston, TX

Born on Route 66 in Oklahoma City, USA, yet raised primarily in Houston, Texas. As a young person, she has also lived in San Diego & Los Angeles, California and one year in St. Louis, Missouri (Not to mention brief stints in Florida & Ohio!). As an adult the adventure continues, to Athens Greece, Cambridge Massachussetts USA, and now currently residing in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She is married to a French atmospheric physicist; together they have 2 trilingual children and 2 Dutch orange cats, and are slowly renovating a 100-year-old townhouse near the center of a quaint college town in Holland. Brightly expressionistic and modern, she combines broad strokes and splashes with imagery around frequent themes in her work: city landscapes & architecture, our increasingly unnatural relationship to each other, and our planet. She signs her work with a signature 'bug' who she refers to as her "fellow traveler", and who gives her a unique perspective on the world around us.


Vlaampijpstraat 50, Utrecht NL, by appointment only

Chat via the socials or send an email to: bethanybartran@gmail.com